The StellarPM shipyard is located in
Hai Phong in Vietnam.

 20°50'42.5"N 106°45'38.1"E
StellarPM SHipYard Vietnam 1
StellarPM SHipYard Vietnam 2
StellarPM SHipYard Vietnam 3

StellarPM’s facilities

StellarPM’s facilities are in an approved Lloyds Registry shipyard meeting all the requirements for material handling and Lloyds certified/tested welding staff on premises.

With modern offices and a 90m x 24m shed (expandable to double size when production capacity requires), the sheer size and scale of the infrastructure combined with state of the art machinery and automation and StellarPM’s modular construction and treatment of the hull sections means we build hyper-efficiently.

Consequently we offer a reduced construction timeframe against other builders in the industry.

Hull and superstructure constructions, assembly and finishing of each yacht takes place in our yard and we have modern offices for visiting owners and crew and a 90m x 20m launch platform with a capacity of 3,200 tons. 

So our StellarRENEW side of things is pretty much without limitation as far as most superyachts go. We can handle up to 110m.

An expansion into an adjacent shed of the same size is anticipated before Q1 2024 or when production necessitates.


There are direct flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from many major European, American, Australasian and Asian cities :
International Flights to Vietnam
From Hanoi airport to Hai Phong there is a 1hr 30m – 2hr road transfer time with frequent buses or quality taxi services.

From Ho Chi Minh airport there are very regular flights to:
Cat Bi International Airport, Hai Phong.
The flight time is 2 hrs.
Avani Harbour View.
There is a great hotel located very close to the StellarPM Hai Phong yard (and downtown Hai Phong) : 

Conveniently located, colonial style, good views, all the amenities of a good business hotel with high standards of service,
two restaurants and a pub inhouse and a 4.5 Tripadvisor rating. Lovely !

We are happy to advise on any travel arrangements. Please just ask…
Vietnam is a very safe and lovely enriching place to visit that is known for
Spectacular nature, Exceptional cuisine, Cultural diversity
& Excellent Service

There is literally tons to see and do, it’s a truly spectacular country with the valleys and hills and rural vistas of the Sapa Countryside, the Marble Mountains, their caves and incredible Buddhist sanctuaries, the Cu Chi tunnels and the incredible tunnelling system, the Mekong Delta and its villages and agriculture, not to mention the lively, bustling and historical cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Have a look at what Vietnam has to offer on &
Vietnam has reopened for international tourism without covid restrictions


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