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Block Turning - Destination ONE ST-215 - Block 102
This week marks a momentous achievement in the construction of Destination ONE ST-215! We have successfully completed the block turning process on Block 102, propelling us one step closer to the final assembly of this extraordinary yacht. Block turning is an integral shipbuilding technique that invo...
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Update: Destination ONE - ST215
The bottom tank section for the second Block 103 has been successfully lifted off the jig and positioned for joining and welding. Simultaneously, the installation, fitting, and welding of shell plating are ongoing for Block 102. These activities are being carried out in preparation for the next phas...
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Vietnam launch for 110m luxury YachtCruise Ship
110m Yachtcruise ship Emerald Sikara has been launched by the Halong Shipbuilding Company in Vietnam The launching took place on 25th April ahead of her maiden voyage scheduled for August. Emerald Sakara holds 100 passengers and offers luxury all-inclusive cruising with a variety of different itiner...
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Vung Tau, Vietnam launch for Austal’s 66m High-Speed Cat
A striking new all-aluminium high-speed catamaran, the Austal ‘Apetahi Express’ has been launched in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Measuring 66.4m LOA, 15.2m beam and 1.8m draft she offers a 574 pax capacity over two decks with an additional 80 seats on the external sun deck. Crew accommodation is for 21. ...
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Destination ONE ST-215- Progress Report
Construction of Destination ONE is progressing smoothly, with Block 102 currently at 58.7% completion. The bottom section was recently lifted into place for joining, and the team is now focused on fabricating and assembling various components to meet specifications. We are pushing to accelerate the ...
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Construction progress summary of Destination One
Construction of Destination ONE is well underway and progressing steadily. To summarise progress : Block 102 is currently in progress, with the first frame being placed on the jig last week. The team are working on fabricating and the assembly and installation of various components to ensure that it...
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110m Superyacht cruise ships launching in Vietnam
Vietnam’s Ha Long Shipbuilding Company is about to launch a pair of 110m Superyacht cruise ships designed and manufactured by 100% Vietnamese people. The value of the contract is reported to be $30 million USD. Named La Siesta 1 and La Siesta 2, both yachts sport a helipad on the bow deck, 55 6-st...
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Destination ONE Construction Update
Cutting and deck plates being laid on the jig for Block 102...
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Steel Cutting Ceremony
StellarONE108 “Destination One”
` The Steel Cutting Ceremony for build ST-215, the StellarONE108 “Destination One” was held at StellarPM’s HaiPhong yard in Vietnam on Wednesday 15th February. In attendance were the heads of all the departments involved in the construction as well as representatives from Lloyds Register. “D...
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StellarPM announces StellarEXP Series
StellarPM has introduced a series of explorer power catamarans to its stable of new construction offerings. With 32m (105ft) and 37m (121ft) models and various configurations of each offered this is a series that offers over and above the typical explorer yacht offerings. With ultra-wide beams each ...
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