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March 30, 2023

Construction progress summary of Destination One

StellarPM Ship Yard1 (2)

Construction of Destination ONE is well underway and progressing steadily. To summarise progress :

Block 102 is currently in progress, with the first frame being placed on the jig last week. The team are working on fabricating and the assembly and installation of various components to ensure that it is built to specification.

In addition to the work on Block 102, the team has also begun laying the plates for Block 103 on the second jig. This marks an important milestone in the construction process, as it represents the start of a new phase of the project.

Overall, the construction of Destination ONE is on track, and the team is working diligently to ensure that the project is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety. We will continue to monitor progress closely and provide updates as the project moves forward.

Destination ONE is a StellarONE ST108-M model. Currently under construction for a North American customer she will be on display at FLIBS 2024.

The StellarPM yard is in Hai Phong in Vietnam where the hulls and superstructures are constructed and assembly and finishing take place. The interiors are built at the StellarPM factory in Zhuhai, PRC and when complete are shipped to our Hai Phong yard for installation.

This is a pre-engineered modular manufactured system which allows us to offer significant time saving advantages in the construction process and allows us to offer a very favourable delivery timeframe 20 months from contract signing.

Naval Architecture is from Ginton Naval Architects of the Netherlands with interiors from Unzile Acar Design Studio.

All StellarPM models are built as Lloyds Hull Construction Certified +100A1 SSC, Yacht, Mono, G6 and we are happy to build to full society classifications according to client wishes.

Note: Our clients have 24/7/365 access to these live camera images of their yachts under construction

StellarPM Ship Yard1 (3)
StellarPM Ship Yard1 (2)
StellarPM Ship Yard1
StellarPM Ship Yard1 (1)
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