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September 20, 2022

Beach Club Refits

Who doesn’t want a Beach Club on their yacht. With so many yachts floating around with outmoded transoms and the tremendous popularity and practicality of the Beach Club, StellarPM now offers not just stern extensions, but Beach Club extensions under its Remote Renewal Service. With the ethos of Cruise Ship drydocking as the central tenet of the process there is a huge time and cost advantage to carrying it out as a remote service :

As a step by step :

  1. We scan. Ensuring perfect accuracy with a complete 3D scan.
  2. We scan when the yacht is out of the water for yard works.
  3. The yacht goes back into regular service for the season.
  4. At which time we design and engineer and precision manufacture the beach club extension from StellarPM’s use of the scan-created 3D point cloud data, converted to mesh surfaces with the development of section frames.
  5. The beach club extension is shipped to the yard at which the next yard period is scheduled at so work can commence simultaneously with the yacht’s arrival.
  6. The installation takes place during that yard period, managed by our team.
  7. The yacht leaves at the scheduled end of the yard period with a completely new beach club extension fitted.

For more details of the process see our web page


For example, a stern extension or beach club refit, 10 week yard period for remote refitting vs 18-20 week yard period for a stern extension/beach club refit = Yard Cost Saving + More Charter/Owner Usage Potential :


Precision manufacturing costs (incl. shipping) : 60% off what would typically be expected in regular yacht refit yards. Plus the saving on yard time.

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